Soft Super Cooler

soft super coolerThe versatile Soft Super Cooler can be used as a cooler and because of its its waterproof liner, can be used for dry storage, electronic equipment, cell phones, tackle or even luggage. It is the Most Versatile Bag in the World. Buy now for $69.95 + S&H.
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EZ Walk Flip Flop Insole

EZ Walk Flip Flop InsoleEZ Walk is the flip flop insole with optimum comfort and a secure, snug fit. It has added support providing relief and exceptional foot, toe and back comfort. It prevents sandal movement on your foot when walking, keeping your feet snug in your sandals. EZ Walk easily integrates into existing sandals and contour molds to support More Info »
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Hang A Bunch

hang a bunchHang A Bunch is a 6-in-1 clothes hanger that creates up to 600% more space in your closet. Organize your tops, jeans, dresses, and more. Double Offer $10.00 + Bonuses + P&H
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Sleevey Magic

sleevy magicSleevey Magic is the all in one fashion accessory that gives your arms a toned and shapely appearance. The advanced compression technology is comfortable and stylish, while hiding blemishes, scars, and tattoos. Buy now and get 2 for only $29.95 + S&H.
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Leather Miracle Tear Repair

tear repairProfessionally repair leather and vinyl with Leather Miracle Tear Repair. It permanently repairs holes and rips in boots, jackets, coaches, purses, furniture and more. Buy now for only $9.99 + S&H.
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HD Vision Foldaways

HD Vision FoldawaysHD Vision Foldaways are sunglasses that feature high definition color, clarity and Contrast with an foldable frame. Buy One Get One Free for only $14.99 + S&H.
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Dura Wallet

Dura WalletDura Wallet is the wallet that is paper thin yet incredibly strong. It is a light weight  wallet that expands to fit and hold whatever you put in it. Dura Wallet is made of lightweight Tyvek and won't tear. Buy one get one free for only $10 plus S&H.
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Kymaro Curve Control Jeans

Kymaro Curve Control JeansThe Kymaro Curve Control Jeans are built for real women with real curves. They shape you and mold to your body while lifting your bottom, flattening your stomach, and making you look and feel your best. Buy now for $29.95 plus S&H.
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"Snuggie - the blanket with sleeves"Stay warm with Snuggie. The Snuggie blanket keeps you warm while its sleeves allows you to use your hands. It's perfect for men, women, and even children. Buy now and get a second Snuggie free. Only $19.95 plus S&H.  
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Trendy Top

Trendy TopLook chic and lean with Trendy Top. Get a sleek and slender look without adding bulkiness. Trendy Top is a specially designed t-shirt wrap that keeps proportions in place and also prevents exposing skin when you bend, reach or sit. Buy now and get one black top and one white top for $10.00 plus $7.95 P&H. More Info »
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