Micro Wallet

Micro WalletMicro Wallet is the solution for people who carry too many things  in their wallet.  It is designed so it is small enough to easily fit in your pocket, but large enough to fit many items.  The Micro Wallet has 16 expandable pockets that will hold your credit cards, photos, drivers license, and anything else you More Info »
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Booty Pops

Booty PopsFirm up your flabby butt with Booty Pops. These specially designed panties are revolutionizing fashion the same way the padded bra reinvented cleavage by turning flabby behinds into fantastic bootys. The secret to Booty Pops is a pad that's sewn into both sides of the undergarment that adds lift, accentuates curves, and turns a droopy butt More Info »
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Insta Slim

Insta SlimLook pounds thinner and slimmer with Insta Slim! These garments will make you look 1-3 inches slimmer instantly. The lightweight undergarments offer support that slims your waist, flattens your stomach, conceals your love handles and gives extra lift to your chest. Regularly $39.95, Now As Low As $19.95! Buy Now.
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Style Snaps

Style SnapStyle Snaps is the first snap adjustable hem solution. It is  a great way to save on costs of running a family. Style Snaps is easy to use and its unique adhesive makes it adjustable, reusable and safe on any fabric. Style Snaps works on jeans, pants, belts, shirts, lapels and much more. Buy now for only More Info »
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Forever Lazy

Forever LazyStay warm with Forever Lazy! It's the one piece, lie around, lounge around, full body lazy wear! Forever Lazy comes in  sizes that fit the whole family and has zippered hatches in the front and back. Stay warm and toasty in your Forever Lazy no matter what the temperature is outside! Order today for just More Info »
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Perks Bra

alt="Perks"The Perks bra is the ultimate solution for maximum cleavage and lift. Now you can dramatically improve the appearance of your breast line.  The Perks bra has all the benefits of push up bras but without the hassles of straps and wires. Buy now for only $29.95 plus $7.95 S&H.
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Aluma Wallet

The Aluma WalletAluma Wallet is the best way to replace your current bulky and disorganized wallet. It is made of die cast aluminum and has an ultra slim outer case. Its compact size makes it great for both men and women and it is waterproof to keep your money dry. Aluma Wallet comes in your choice of Silver, More Info »
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Ahh Bra

"Ahh Bra"The Ahh Bra is breakthrough body form technology that does away with wires, hooks and adjusting straps and it makes any woman’s body feel comfortable.  The Ahh Bra was created to give your appearance a helping lift. It  controls problem areas like your tummy, thighs, bust and buttocks. Ahh Bra features include: seamless microfiber pullover, More Info »
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Kymaro Body Shaper

kymaro body shaperThe Kymaro Body Shaper is a fast and easy way to take off inches in all the places where we can't seem to lose weight. This body hugging shape wear curves your body in all the right areas. Buy now for $29.95 plus $9.95 Shipping & Handling.
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