Ab Glider

Ab GliderAb Glider is one of the fastest ways to get ripped abs in only 3 minutes a day. It combines the circular burn and the arc crunch to get you the results you want. Get yours for $149.99 + S&H. Click buy now to purchase or learn more about it.    
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Bender Ball

Bender BallBender Ball is a core workout ball which maximizes ab workouts and crunches. It is an affordable and effective home workout. Every move you make sculpts your abs. This exercise stability ball is 408% more effective than just doing crunches. It targets the ab muscles for fast results! Buy now for $12.98 plus S&H
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rip:60If you are overweight or trying to build lean muscle then the rip:60 suspension system is for you. A great feature of rip:60 is the ability to step forward or backward, without losing form, to decrease or increase the load. This will allow you to optimize the volume of muscle activation and result in more More Info »
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X-Factor System

X-Factor SystemThe Weider X-Factor System is a total body training system that you can attach to any door. With progressive resistance exceeding 210 lbs, it will give you a stronger, leaner, and more powerful body. Get a total body workout in your home. The X-Factor system includes 3 workout DVDs, 2 handles and ankle straps, 4 More Info »
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Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt LiftLearn supermodels secrets for a perfect butt with Brazil Butt Lift! Brazil Butt Lift combines Brazilian dance, cardio, and lower-body sculpting moves to help your butt go from droopy to dreamy and from saggy to sexy! It will  reduce your hips and thighs, and melt away stubborn saddlebags. Brazil Butt Lift  shapes your gluteal muscles to get More Info »
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Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop AbsHip Hop Abs is The workout that gets you dancing and moving in no time. You will  see results without ever getting on the floor for a sit-up. The music gets you dancing and the beat makes sure you don't stop! Hip Hop Abs is so powerful that you can lose 3 inches off your waist More Info »
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PowerBellWeider PowerBell is 7 kettlebells in one so you can adjust to your desired weight. It combines cardio and strength training to get you strong, lean and cut faster than other workouts. Benefits of PowerBell are maximum calorie burn, Increases your cardio, Engaging every muscle in your body, Engages every muscle in your body, and Building strength and definition. Buy More Info »
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ThunderBellThe ThunderBell and ThunderBell Training Program is a complete Total Body Training System in one unique, space-saving, diverse training tool. The patent-pending 7-grip design enables the ThunderBell to serve as a dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball and so much more. Only 2 Payments of $24.95 plus S&H.
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ISO7XBuild Strength, Power & Lean Muscle FAST with ISO7X. It's The New 7 Second Workout Revolution with Over 30 Different Exercises for A Total Body Workout. ISO7x is compact so you can store it anywhere. Uses isometrics so you can get ripped fast. Only $29.99 + FREE Bonus!
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Top Trainers

TopTrainersTop Trainers is a 60 day total body workout by 10 of the Nation's Top Trainers. Get the 10 DVD set plus FREE bonus gifts for 3 payments of $29.95.  
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