twist n clip

Twist ‘N Clip is the new revolutionary hair clip that will keep your hair in place all day. Just twist, spread & clip!. It’s the easy solution to maintaining your hair style whether you’re on the go our lounging around. Best of all, it works on any style and each package includes instructions as well as tips.

Package Includes:

- 3 Twist ‘N Clips
- 3 Additional Twist ‘N Clips in the same color
- 1 Crystal Glass Tattle Tail
- 1 Black Faceted Crystal Tattle Tail
- 1 Official Twist ‘N Clip Style Guide

For only $10.00 plus $6.99 P&H you’ll receive 3 Twist ‘N Clips in your choice of Black, Bronze or Blonde as well as the Crystal Glass Tattle Tail.

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